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Cord Covers

What is a cord cover?
A cord cover (also known as a chain sleeve) is a small pocket/tube that you slide over an electrical outlet or chain to hide its ugly appearance. Similar to those 80's/90's hair scrunchies for your electrical cords. I promise these are a little more fashionable than the hair scrunchies!

What length would I need?
It is generally recommended to double or triple the length of the cord your are covering when ordering a cord cover. For example, a 9ft cord would require at least an 18ft cord cover. If you have a length in between the lengths offered, I always recommend going up a length so that you get extra scrunch as opposed to not enough scrunch.

What color should I order?
It is recommended to order a color that compliments your decor or one that will blend in. For example if you have a cord running down a wall and you want it to blend, then order a cord cover that matches the wall color. If you have table lamp and you want the cord cover to stand out, then choose a color that compliments the other colors in the room.

How do you install the cord cover?
For lamps and other cords that plug into electrical outlets, just slide the cord and plug down the cord cover. Plug into the wall and scrunch the cord cover to your desired look. If you are installing on a chandelier chain, then you will need to install the cord cover over the electrical outlet before the chandelier installed.

What if my cord/fixture is already installed?
If your fixture is already installed, then I would recommend purchasing the cord cover that has sticky adhesive so that it can be wrapped around the cord instead of sliding over the cord.
What is the difference between the STICKY and VELCRO cord covers?
These two types function the same way. Each style is wrapped around the cord/chain to cover. the advantage to this style is that these may be wrapped around an existing chandelier. No need to remove the chandalier to slip on the cord cover.
The VELCRO cord covers are made with a 1/8" piece of velcro running down either side of the cord cover. These don't scrunch as well as the sticky as the velcro is a bit stiffer than the sticky adhesive, but these cord covers are removable.
The STICKY cord covers are made with a 1/4" piece of sticky adhesive running down one side of the cord cover. These scrunch better than the velcro as the adhesive is a bit softer and more pliable. Once attached, these cord covers are permenant.

Details about our cord covers...
All our cord covers have an approximate 2" pocket for the cords. This is more than enough room to slide a plug and cord down the cover. Ours are similar to those sold at many popular home decor chain stores. Ours are handmade in the USA.
What are they used for?
-Baby nurseries (for chandeliers, lamps, monitors or hanging things from the ceiling)
-Antique lamps have ugly, dirty cords.
-Shabby chic decor to add that feminine touch.
-Solves the problems in older homes where electrical fixtures are not hung from the ceiling, and your only option is to hang a light from the ceiling with the chain down the wall and plugged in.
-Useful for telephone cords and extension cords that are visible and just don't match the decor of the room.
-Great for Entry way table where the lamp is sitting on your table has an ugly visible cord below the table top.
-Covers computer and laptop cords.
-Hides Christmas tree & garland lights.
-Hides cords in bathrooms. Ladies, do you leave your straightener on the vanity?
-Need to hide a pipe? The velcro/sticky kind will wrap around that pipe...provided the pipe insn't too big for the cord cover.

Silk Cord Cover - STICKY
Silk Cord Cover - STICKY
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Silk Cord Covers - SLIP ON
Silk Cord Covers - SLIP ON
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